Yozmit will be performing live Sunday June 5 in WeHo park and ONE Gallery in West Hollywood

I am a Two-Spirit singer-songwriter, interdisciplinary performance artist, visual artist, and costume designer. I started my career as a fashion designer but rediscovered myself as a performance artist through the practice of physical theater, dance, and traditional Korean music - "Pansori" and "Gayageum-Byungchang". Instead of transforming my physical body from male to female, I choose to use spiritual practice through a Buddhistic approach of transcendence and art practice as tools for my liberation from personal and social conflicts around gender and identity. I believe that there is immense power to be found beyond one's dualistic thought processes and tapping into the unknown mysteries of Self.

My work is transformation. I believe the discipline of the creative process embodies and manifests metamorphosis. My work has continuously evolved my understanding of Self. I believe that my work creates the potential for others to do the same.