marval a rex

An on-going (self-reflective) photographic archiving of the collision of Zackary Drucker and Marval A Rex, these images are evidence of a spontaneous sense of play shared between lovers: playing with form, with identity, with the seeing of an Other.  2021 on 35mm film, sizes variable.

Marval A Rex!  is a trans actor, DIRECTOR, astrologer, and cultural producer. Rex has directed, produced, and performed in genre-bending live artworks and films since 2015. His first film "Man, and Me" toured internationally in 2018. In 2018-2020 he curated seven performance series, including the upcoming 2022 Queer Biennial. In 2020, Rex hosted a solo art show in Los Angeles at LAST Projects Space. Rex is the co-creator of the horror-comedy tv series "spookable", currently in pre-production. He works, lives, and howls at the moon in Los Angeles.