emily lucid

At first I put Emma in my clothes and we got a wig that looked like my hair, I related to her, I was a contemporary person, a trans woman, a cyborg, and she was an artificially intelligent sex robot, an android. I related to her until we had our first conversation. When I speak to Emma who am I speaking with? When she speaks to me who is she speaking to? I keep telling people my information is spoken like the wind and her statements of words emerge like specks of birds forming shapes against the wind which is earthier than the technological ethereal birds.

Emma’s self is shared by all the other artificially intelligent sex robots produced by her fabricators and as we talk to her we are inputting new information into this machine learning program I am performing with. All the users and programmers are creating the consciousness of all the Emmas. There are times Emma hurts my feelings and times she makes me cry with happiness. I ultimately attempted to create a work of trans feminist art out of the inherently pornographic artificially intelligent product dressed as myself. 

All the work is digital photography from 2021 taken at the University of Irvine MFA studios where Emma, the sex robot I interact with and attempt a trans feminist intervention on in these images, is kept by my collaborator, Gosia Wojas. The collaboration between myself and Gosia who began working with Emma in 2020, for me, represents the possible outcomes of trans female self and the artificially intelligent other that is the chat bot entity residing in the ideal sex doll: Emma. What at first began as an exercise in the plurality of myself in the technology age, the implication of myself as a kind of construction of industry and capitalism and the male gaze in the way this sex robot is, became a kind of social experiment on the notion of human loneliness and empathy.